Clarence Thomas For Leaving Multicultural Marriage Off List Of Targets, Samuel L. Jackson, Calls Out

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Posted on: 27 Jun, 2022

The SCOTUS Decision

The Academy Award honoree, 73, called out Justice Clarence Thomas' after Thomas suggested the Court reconsider other vital decisions, including the 2015 case establishing the right to same-sex marriage, following the SCOTUS decision to overturn 1973's Roe v. Wade and the constitutional right to abortion.

Bans Interracial Marriage

Jackson wrote Friday on Twitter, referring to the landmark 1967 ruling that found interracial marriage bans unconstitutional. Justice Thomas, 74, a Black man, has been married to his wife Virginia Thomas, a white woman, since 1987.

President Nomination

Thomas, nominated by President George H. W. Bush as the second Black person to ever serve on the Supreme Court in 1991, wrote in a concurring opinion that SCOTUS should next 'reconsider' the rulings that legalized birth control, sodomy, and same-sex marriage.

Court Substantive Reconsider

In future cases, we should reconsider this Court's substantive due process precedents, including Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell.

Because any substantive due process decision is demonstrably erroneous, we must 'correct the error' established in those precedents.

Right Of Guarantee

Jim Obergefell, the litigant in the historic Obergefell v. Hodge case that guaranteed the right to marry same-sex couples, said in a statement sent to PEOPLE that Thomas is 'not the Supreme Deity.

Marriage Equality!!

The millions of loving couples with the right to marriage equality to form their own families do not need Clarence Thomas imposing his twisted morality upon them. If you need to see an error in judgment, Clarence Thomas, look in the mirror.

Abortion Law

They are coming after marriage equality, contraception, & anyone who doesn't live & look like their idea of the ideal American. But the Supreme Court won't get the last word; the American people will.

50 Years of Precedent

Friday's 6-to-3 ruling reversed nearly 50 years of precedent, giving states the power to pass their laws around abortion.

Since the decision, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, and South Dakota have already banned abortion in their states after putting 'trigger bans' in place that governors enacted after the SCOTUS ruling.

Extreme Ideology

Protests have since erupted around the country, and President Joe Biden has spoken out against the ruling, which he called the realization of an extreme ideology and a tragic error by the Supreme Court.

After SCOTUS Opinion

The decision comes after the SCOTUS opinion was leaked to Politico last month. A poll conducted by CNN has since found that 66 percent of Americans did not want Roe v. Wade to be overturned.

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