09 Mar, 2023


After Publicly Mocking A Disabled Twitter Employee, Elon Musk Apologizes

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Employee Was Mocked

The tweet of Elon Musk made fun of a Twitter employee with a disability who was not sure if he had been laid off. 

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Elon Musk's Complaint

The former employee, Haraldur Thorleifsson, has been criticized for his poor work performance by Musk, who said he had not done much work for four months.

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Sunday's Work Update

Last Sunday, Thorleifsson found that he had been logged off his work computer, going by the name Halli. 

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Musk Is Asking For Clarification

Musk tweeted Thorleifsson on Monday, asking for clarity about whether he was still employed at Twitter since he had yet to receive a response from Twitter's HR department.

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Thorleifsson's Answer

According to Musk, he asked Thorleifsson, 'What work have you done lately?' According to Thorleifsson, a company contract for software-as-a-service saved him $500,000 in costs.

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The Employee's Physical Disability

His responses were questioned by Musk, who replied that it did not happen without photos. Musk also questioned Thorleifsson's value at the company and claimed he was using his disability as an excuse. In a tweet, Thorleifsson clarified that he was disabled.

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Elon Musk About The Employee

Musk said that he did not have a lot of respect for a man who spent most of his time tweeting, claiming that a disability prevented him from typing.

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Thorleifsson’s Resignation

Thorleifsson said that he was informed that his employment with the company had ended during the exchange. In 2021, Twitter acquired Thorleifsson's startup Ueno, and the social network recognized him for his charitable efforts in the city of Iceland to build 1,000 ramps.

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Elon Musk's Apology

The situation was a misunderstanding, Musk said after facing backlash. In a tweet, Musk apologized to Halli for my misunderstandings. Several things were told to me that were incorrect or unimportant, Musk said.

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Elon Mocks Twitter Employees

In November, the Twitter CEO mocked Twitter employees who had criticized him in a sarcastic tweet. 

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Happenings In The Past

This is not Musk's first public mockery of Twitter employees. A former employee, who criticized him in a series of tweets, had 'a tragic case of adult-onset Tourette's,' he claimed.

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