03 Apr, 2023


10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Albert Einstein

By FactsWow Team

The Young Einstein Was Hardheaded

His parents believed he had a malformation when he was born because of the shape of the back of his head.

Media Credits: The Guardian

Einstein Had Difficulty Speaking As A Young Man

His speech was slow and lackluster. It took him a long time to be able to construct complete sentences. When he turned 9, he began speaking normally.

Media Credits: The Munsif Daily

As A Child, He Was Fascinated By The Compass

The little boy was amazed when he received a compass from his father when he was five years old and sick in bed. Because of this, he realized some forces pushed things forward.

Media Credits: The Guardian

He Failed The College Entrance Exam

After failing the tests for history, languages, and geography, he had to take a new exam and take private lessons to make up for the failures.

Media Credits: Artnet News

He Urged US Atomic Bomb Development

While Einstein was a pacifist, he was alarmed by Nazi power. He wrote President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to alert him to German plans to manufacture an atomic bomb and offer his cooperation. Roosevelt dismissed Einstein's cooperation as a threat to the project's security.

Media Credits: Reddit

Einstein's Brain Has Been Studied Extensively

A doctor who assisted in the autopsy of Hans Albert Einstein kept a jar with the scientist's brain, which he, with Einstein's permission, distributed to several other scientists.

Media Credits: Hi7.co Hi7.co

Violinists Like Him Were Talented

A little-known aspect of the physicist's personal life was his love of the violin. He began playing at six and said he would have become a musician instead of a scientist.

Media Credits: Quora

Einstein Held Three Nationalities

The journalist who interviewed him at the end of his life asked him what his multiple nationalities might have impacted his fame.

Media Credits: Earth.com

He Hates Science Fiction

A science fiction novel changed Einstein's perception of science by giving people a false impression that something that couldn't happen did happen.

Media Credits: Princeton Alumni Weekly|-Princeton University

Israel Could Have Had Its Second President

As the best-living Jew, Chaim Weizmann was considered the ideal candidate for Israel's first president after he died in 1952. He immediately rejected the offer, arguing that he could not take on such a position due to his advanced age.

Media Credits: Photos.com by Getty Images

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