19 Apr, 2023


Who Is Still Alive From Mama's Family?

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Important cast members

There were many memorable cast members of the 1980s sitcom Mama's Family, but which of them are still alive today? In Mama's Family, Vicki Lawrence (Vicki Lawrence) explored the hilarious world of 'Mama' Harper and her crazy family, a spinoff of The Carol Burnett Show sketch 'The Family.'

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Current season's cast

This season introduced more of the Harper clan and popular cast members from The Carol Burnett Show, right where the characters left off in their sketch origins.

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A successful family

A total of six seasons were spent on Mama's Family, and in syndication, it was even more successful.

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Vicki Lawrence (1949)

In the aftermath of Mama's Family, Lawrence appeared on a few sitcoms and had a recurring role on Hannah Montana as 'Mamaw' Stewart. In the 2023 season of Call Me Kat, Lawrence reprised her role as Mamaw Stewart.

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Beverly Archer (1948)

The Harper family's kind but an annoying neighbor, Iola Lucille Boylen, was played by Beverly Archer starting in season 3.

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Dorothy Lyman (1947)

Based on the fictional character Noami Oates Harper, created by Dorothy Lyman, she often clashed with Vinton's second wife, Thelma, over Thelma's extravagant lifestyle choices.

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Allan Kayser (1963)

A teenager who grew up with Thelma and Ed Higgins after his parents moved to Philadelphia, Allan Kayser portrayed Bubba Higgins for the show's final four seasons.

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Eric Brown (1964)

It is often the most patient and accommodating member of the Harper family who Eric Brown played as Vinton 'Buzz' Harper Jr.

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Karin Argoud (1960)

As Sonja Harper, Vinton's teen daughter from a previous marriage, Karin Argoud appeared in Mama's Family for its first two seasons.

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Carol Burnett (1933)

Burnett was known for her self-titled comedy show The Carol Burnett Show during her time on Mama's Family as Ellen Harper-Jackson, Thelma's antagonistic middle child.

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Ken Berry (1933 - 2018)

Thelma's youngest child Vinton Harper was immature and somewhat goofy for his age during the entire run of Mama's Family. Ken Berry played him throughout the entire run of the show.

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Harvey Korman (1927 - 2008)

A reprise of Harvey Korman's role from The Carol Burnett Show, Ed Higgins served as Eunice's exasperated husband, who kept silent throughout the show.

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Rue McClanahan (1934 - 2010)

As Thelma Crowley's younger sister Frances Marie Crowley, Rue McClanahan's uptight way often clashed with her fearless attitude.

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Betty White (1922 - 2021)

Thelma Harper-Jackson's elitist sister, who avoided her working-class family during her time on Mama's Family, was played by Betty White sporadically throughout its run.

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