The Social Media Acronym Explain The Meaning Of TFW On TikTok

By FactsWow Team

Posted on: 06 Jun, 2022

What Does TFW Mean?

What does TFW mean on TikTok? So, it’s not just TikTok but also other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and  Snapchat where the acronym is doing rounds these days? Short forms such as LOL, TTYL,YK, and IG have become a passe. If you don’t know the complete records of any of these, you are missing out on something cool that the younger generation keeps themselves updated with.

If You Are Active On Social Media 

You must have come across TFW in the comments section of a photo or video. What does the slang mean? It is often used when a clever joke or something related to it is cracked.

Two Meanings 

The slang TFW stands for “That Feeling When.” The first is mainly used in intelligent jokes. The second is used in the context of someone’s expression after experiencing something stimulating the physical or emotional reactions. There is an alternative meaning, “That Face When.”

TFW’s Origin 

Many of you are curious to know the TFW’s origin. Several years ago, a slang MFW went viral, which means “My Face When.” It also has the same meaning as TFW. At that time, people on the digital space used to post funny pictures of emotional faces, with the captain that had the hashtag MFW.

The Usage 

Suppose you are confused about the usage, nothing to worry about. In the beginning, you can add slang to make your context a bit emotional to the other users.

Attention grabbing tip!

If a funny picture or emoji is added, it works best. Have you thought of an idea for using it?

Thank You!

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