Mohamed of ’90 Day Fiancé’ is concerned about Yve’s motherhood.

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Posted on: 27 Jun, 2022

Arrival on the show

The couples on ’90 Day Fiancé’ frequently arrive on the show with lofty expectations for their future together. And, more often than not, the 90-day period is a shock.

Issue of religion

Mohamed and Yve have struggled with various issues since he arrived in the United States, including his expectation of her to be at his beck and call, her friends’ disrespect, and, finally, the issue of religion. 

Working out the relationship

If their confessionals are any indication, the couple has rarely discussed fundamental issues and how they can make their relationship work in the real world. 

Nail in the Coffin

While they appear to be holding on, another crucial conversation seems to be the final nail in the coffin.

Yve’s Desire

Yve expressed a desire to have a child with Mohamed, stating that he would be a good father because he cared for her son, Tharan and that she wanted to share that bond of parenthood with him through a child of their own.

Muslim or non-Muslim

However, she was concerned that, given their timeline and the fact that she was much older, having children would be impossible. As the two discussed their future child, Mohamed made it abundantly clear that she intended to raise his child as a Muslim. 

Child’s religion

She was taking them to the mosque and teaching them about religion. Yve, who has not converted to Islam, pointed out that the child may develop an interest in the religion she practices.

Yoga classes

She explained that she frequently held yoga classes at home and that the child might be interested. 

Is Yve confusing her child

Mohamed stated that he needed to “make it clear” and that Yve “could not get him (the child) confused about his religion” while Mohamed was teaching him about it. 

The child will be raised Muslim

While Mohamed stated that his child was free to choose their religion when they were older, he also noted that his child would be raised Muslim regardless of what Yve said. 

Good behaviour for his child to adopt

In his colo confessionals, Mohamed went so far as to say that Yve was raised with “too much freedom” and expressed concern that she would not have “good behaviour” for his child to adopt.

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