15 Apr, 2023


How Does Robin Roberts Feel About The Future Of GMA?

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Started Hosting The Show

For most people, Robin Roberts, 62, has been a staple on Good Morning America since she began hosting the show in 1984.

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Worked As A Morning Host On ABC

While still employed at ESPN, Robin joined GMA in 1995 as a news anchor. In 2005, she joined the ABC morning show as a full-time co-anchor.

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Affecting Your Health

Since then, Robin has become a staple of GMA, despite missing shows on numerous occasions due to health issues affecting her and Amber Laign.

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Reporter At ABC News

Robin started working at ABC News as a field reporter in 1995, and she joined GMA as an anchor and ESPN as a sportscaster.

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Robin Has Replaced Diana

As a part of her new role, Robin replaced Diane Sawyer as full-time co-anchor on GMA, working alongside George Stephanopoulos.

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Various Co-Anchors Appeared On GMA

As of the beginning of Robin's tenure at GMA, she was co-anchored by George, Michael Strahan, Lara Spencer, as well as meteorologist Ginger Zee.

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Aside From Co-Anchoring

The co-anchor also covered major events like Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding in 2018, among others.

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Several Times Missed The GMA

Robin has missed GMA on several occasions due to her health. She underwent cancer surgery in 2007 and was unable to attend.

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Bone Marrow Cancer Diagnosis

Sally-Ann Roberts, a match for Robin, helped her get a life-saving bone marrow transplant in September 2012 when she was diagnosed with bone marrow myelodysplastic syndrome.

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A Breast Cancer Battle

She announced 15 years after her battle with breast cancer that longtime partner Amber Laign had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

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Radiation And Chemotherapy Were Administered

Amber received chemotherapy and radiation in July 2022, and Robin missed several GMA shows during that time.

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Robin Missed A Few Shows

While working on her Disney+ series Turning the Tables, Robin missed a few GMA shows in 2023.

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The Celebration Of Robin

In April 2022, Robin celebrated her 20th anniversary with GMA. She has not announced her plans to leave anytime soon.

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