17 Mar, 2023


Beach Brawls Break Out Among Scantily Clad Spring Break Revelers

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Three Years Of Relaxation

The college semester is almost over, and thousands of students are going to Florida to loosen up after three years of being cooped up.

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The Revelers Wore Boxing Gloves

As other youngsters cheered them on, booze-fuelled revelers brandished boxing gloves and staged mock fights on the sands of a Fort Lauderdale beach on Wednesday.

Media Credits: New York Post

One Wrestles And Tackles Another

Punches were thrown between men before several scantily clad women joined in on the action, wrestling and tackling one another.

Media Credits: The Scottish Sun

TikTok Video Goes Viral

Following football drills on the beach, bikini-clad co-eds 'brawled' with one another in a viral TikTok video posted two days ago.

Media Credits: WWW.dbspringbreak.com

No Celebrations Were Held.

After spring break celebrations were canceled due to the COVID pandemic, footage of the clashes shows pent-up college students are more than ready for freedom.

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Body-Spring Breakers

The Fort Lauderdale shoreline was filled with students showing off their spring break bodies while drinking large amounts of alcohol in the sunshine.

Media Credits: Raddit

Straight From The Bottle

There were several borgs and beer bongs, some drinking straight from bottles while some wild men sipped tequila straight from the bottle.

Media Credits: Daily Mail

Even More Raucous Than Usual

The spring break hotspots in Florida are bracing themselves for the raucous college students, who are expected to be even raucous this time.

Media Credits: New York Post

Observed No SeriousIissues

Alice Muskey, the owner of Treats on the Beach, says that in the twenty years, she's spent here for spring break, she has never seen any serious problems.

Media Credits: AP News

An Official Police Presence Is Expected

Youths 17 and under are subject to an 11 p.m. curfew, and police are expected to be more visible during the weekend.

Media Credits: College Spring Break 2019 StudentCity

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