14 Apr, 2023


A 1000-lb Sister Tammy Slaton Was Caught Vaping On Oxygen During A Walmart Trip

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Tammy Slaton Into Vaping

Tammy Slaton Willingham, a 1000-pound sister hooked up to an oxygen tank, was caught vaping while on a recent outing.

Media Credits: Yahoo

Tammy's Snacks Purchase

Tammy's cart was filled with sugary cereals, chips, and toys over the weekend as she rode an electric scooter outside a Kentucky Walmart.

Media Credits: The US Sun

The Picture On Social Media

A photo revealed that the reality star had her hair pulled back and that her nasal cannula, which supplies her with oxygen, could be seen.

Media Credits: TV Shows Ace

It's Not Her First Time

Tammy Slaton, the YouTube personality, has been caught vaping more than once while on oxygen.

Media Credits: In Touch Weekly

Concern About Her Health

Tammy raised concern when she was spotted vaping on oxygen while riding in her friend's vehicle during a season 3 episode in January 2022.

Media Credits: The Hollywood Gossip

Tammy's Teenage Experience

In the confessional, she explained that she was super shy and did not have a lot of friends as a teenager. As a teenager, I had not done any partying.

Media Credits: TLC

A Try To Stop Smoking

As a pregnant mother of her second son, Glenn, Tammy's younger sister, Amy Slaton, opened up about trying to quit smoking during her pregnancy in February 2022.

Media Credits: People

Cigarette Counts Reduced 

In an interview, she said that she did not drink alcohol. She said she used to smoke 20 cigarettes daily; now, she smokes five daily. She was trying to cut down on her smoking.

Media Credits: Us Weekly

Weight Loss Journey With Sister

The elder sister even spent time in a rehab facility for her food addiction on the journey to lose weight since their reality show premiered in January 2020.

Media Credits: Yahoo

Tammy On Coma

A medically induced coma was imposed on her shortly after her sister Amanda Halterman announced that Tammy's lungs had failed and the body was shutting down. Halterman added that the family would have to make funeral arrangements for Tammy.

Media Credits: Monsters and Critics

Surgery For Weight Loss

During the following months, Tammy lost approximately half her body weight and achieved her goal of undergoing weight loss surgery.

Media Credits: The World News Daily

Weight Measurement On February 2023

In February 2023, the TLC personality told the cameras, 'I kind of stopped breathing for a moment when I saw the scale read 534.7 pounds. I am 14 pounds under my goal weight of over 700 pounds.'

Media Credits: Showsbiz Cheat sheet

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