19 Apr, 2023


What is the process of changing your birthday on Snapchat and Limit?

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A new feature on Snapchat

Like many other apps and services, Snapchat allows users to set birthdays. There are limits to how many times they can change their birthday on Snapchat, just as on most other apps and services. 

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Updates based on the age

As well as confirming the user is at least the minimum age, those who declare their birthday have access to some additional features.

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An example

The Snapchat app, for instance, has a 'birthday party' mode that adds zodiac signs to users' profiles while enabling astrology-related Charms.

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Snapchat settings

Snapchat has a simple birthday setting process that users can do right within the Android and iOS apps. 

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How to update your birthday?

To access the Settings menu, the user must open the app, tap the profile icon, then tap the cog icon. In the settings, there is a dedicated 'Birthday' tab under the 'My Account' section. Once the user clicks the button, they can choose their birthday date.

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Changing the correct birth date

As well as editing and changing the birthday, this setting lets you tap on the current birthday and change it to the correct one.

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Snap's birth year policy

Users can change their birthday on Snapchat, but there are certain conditions they must adhere to. 

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Policy for those under 18

Once a user's birthday has been set, it may not be possible for them to change it at all. Those over 18 cannot change their birth year to become younger than 18. Users under 18 cannot change their birth year at all.

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Birthday Limit on Snapchat

The date a user sets for their birthday on social media might no longer matter. TikTok, for instance, does not allow users to change their birthdays manually. Even if the birthday were set incorrectly or accidentally, it would remain the same on TikTok.

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Unable to change birthday

In Snapchat, users can only change their birthday a certain number of times, regardless of age. 

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Use or ignore

Snapchat does not specify how long this limit is, but it is generally advised to avoid changing your birthday if you can avoid it.

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