This sci-fi thriller has been remastered for next-generation systems

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Posted on: 25 Jun, 2022

Convey Us the Moon 

Convey Us the Moon is a sci-fi spine chiller game set in a close prophetically catastrophic future. The game has been remastered for cutting edge reassures and is currently accessible on PlayStation 5. 

The trailer   

The authority trailer for the PlayStation 5 sendoff features the upgraded illustrations, scenes, vehicles, and a portion of the mission targets. 

Space agency 

Deliver Us the Moon, Earth's regular assets have been exhausted. To settle the energy emergency, the powers all over the planet made the World Space Agency. They were then ready to get a potential energy source from the moon. 

Energy sources 

Thus, the WSA colonized and started procedure on the moon until one night when all correspondences with Earth halted as the energy sources were no more. As Earth's last space explorer, you should take on a moving and dangerous mission to find what occurred and save mankind. 

Mysteries of human 

With your little robot friend, ASE, you should traverse the moon, investigate the unwanted offices, assemble insight, and reveal the mysteries of humankind.  The vital elements of Deliver Us the Moon include.

Genuine topics 

The game spotlights on issues like environmental change, endurance in perilous conditions, and the exhaustion of regular assets. 

Various ongoing interaction styles 

You will play in both first and third-individual as you explore through the story. 

Experience the existence of a space explorer 

Launch from Earth, excursion to the WSA space station and experience weightless opportunity. 

Prepare space innovation ace-age   

With the assistance of ASE, utilize its insight and innovation on space-age suits, lasers, rockets, and robot arms 

Address puzzles 

As you play through the storyline, you should defeat impediments and different risks obstructing your way. You should likewise reveal past insider facts and utilize your brains to tackle complicated puzzles. 

A stunning and space-themed soundtrack with three hours of unique music

Send off into space and assume the difficult mission of saving mankind in the remastered game Deliver Us the Moon, presently accessible on PlayStation 5. Make certain to look at our PlayStation area for more extraordinary substance. 

Mars continuation 

Everyone's eyes might be on the forthcoming September sendoff of the Deliver Us Mars continuation, yet today it's tied in with thinking back - and forward - to Deliver Us the Moon, as the cosmic undertaking takes one goliath jump to Xbox Series X|S and PS5. 

Xbox series  

Convey Us the Moon looked incredible in any case, however with the force of Xbox Series X|S and PS5 behind it, those visuals will decidedly glimmer as you set out to arrive at space, shooting off into the murkiness.  

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