15 Apr, 2023


Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: Can It Measure The Blood Pressure In The United States?  

By FactsWow Team

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 

The best feature of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is its proficiency in tracking folks' blood pressure. Unluckily, buyers in the United States couldn’t access it easily. Users can monitor their Blood pressure anytime through the app of Samsung Health Monitor. 

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Tracking In Few Markets 

Blood pressure (B.P.) tracking is there in a few marketplaces. The United States is not among them. The same issues happen to the latest Galaxy Watch 5 and its older models Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Galaxy Watch 3. These smartwatches handle the work of B.P. tracking in several nations, excluding the United States. 

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U.S. Government Regulations 

The reason behind misplacing the function is the regulations given by the U.S. government. Before a smartwatch can monitor blood pressure in the United States, it must receive clearance from the U.S. FDA, abbreviated as Food and Drug Administration. 

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Food And Drug Administration 

The absence of FDA clearance during the launch of the Galaxy Watch 4 means that the blood pressure feature is unavailable in the United States, despite being available in other nations. This is a common occurrence for all smartwatches, even though it may be aggravating.

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Samsung Health Monitor App

Galaxy Watch 4 users in Canada can monitor blood pressure through an update. In contrast, users in the U.S. need to follow a workaround by installing a molded version of the Samsung Health Monitor app on their watch and paired smartphone.

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