Captivating AI creation: Burj Khalifa, Museum of the future and Dubia frame’s imagined in Babie Pink

Media Credits : Mashable ME

Barbie Vibes Adopted

Dubai Travelers Instagram handle, stunned the Internet by uploading Dubai futuristic allure in barbie pink with the use of MidJourney AI tool.

Media Credits : PRINT Magazine

Museum of the future

The museum of the future portrayed in beautiful barbie pink with statues on each side giving of a dream land beauty.

Media Credits : Trend Hunter

Burj Khalifa

The Ai transforms Burj Khalifa in downtown Dubai into a beautiful city of pink creating a masterpiece while also adding a magical allure to the city's skyline.

Media Credits : Designboom

Roads and Architectural beauty

The Roads and tall buildings all were depicted in shades of pink. Similar to Barbie land.

Media Credits : Xavier Portela

Dubai Metro in pink

Even the Dubai Metro caught the pink vibes giving off a charming princess like ride to fantasy land.

Media Credits : Alphonso Stories

Queen Elizabeth 2

Queen Elizabeth 2, a floating hotel adorned in barbie pink while sailing close to a rosy pink shaded road side.

Media Credits : Alphonso Stories

Beautiful Depiction of Taj Mahal

One of indian most iconic buildings was also included. You can see Taj Mahal in a beautiful shade of pink, emitting world class beauty.

Media Credits : Time Out Dubai

Barbie Palm Atlantis

The Atlantis palm dons barbie’s style in all pink with rooms, roads and skyline in lovely pink shades.

Media Credits : Time Out Dubai

Midjourney AI

Through the imaginative poweress of Midjourney Artificial Intelligence we can now discover how Dubia will look like when harmonized with Barbie land.

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