The biggest attack hit the US; hackers stole over a million individuals!

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Biggest hacks in the US!

Hackers who snuck into IBM's widely used MOVEit file transfer software stole the confidential medical information of millions of people in the US.

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Folks in charge!

More than 4 million patient records were made public due to a major attack on the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF), the organization in charge of Colorado's Medicaid program.

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Data got compromised!

The data was jeopardized because IBM, one of their vendors, was using MOVEit to transfer HCPF's files around, and HCPF was required to inform those impacted.

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Hackers did not damage the network!

The DSS made it clear that while this data breach did not directly affect their systems, it did affect their already possessed data. Therefore, it's possible that names, client numbers, birthdates, benefits information, and medical claim data were stolen.

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People caught up in a mess!

4.1 million Individuals were affected by this calamity. This attack impacted numerous persons on IBM's MOVEit systems, reaching Missouri's Department of Social Services (DSS).In Missouri, there are more than 6 million residents.

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Bragging about the hacks!

On the dark web, where the Clop ransomware group boasts about their intrusions, neither HCPF nor DSS are visible. The focus of all those hackers is 'government data,' yet these two are not mentioned.

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Hackers swiped the data!

The Department of Higher Education was also infected with ransomware shortly after this mayhem. Hackers stole data spanning 16 years.

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One more government agency compromised!

Numerous students and employees at Colorado State University were impacted by a MOVEit-related snafu last month. The MOVEit attacks included PH Tech, a business that manages data for various healthcare insurers. Health information for 1.7 million Oregonians allegedly suffered a breach.

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Biggest breach to HCA healthcare!

HCA Healthcare is responsible for this year's largest breach, unrelated to MOVEit. The names, residences, and appointment information of 11.2 million individuals strolled straight in when they unintentionally laid out the welcome mat for hackers.

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