05 Jan, 2023


Apple Stock: You May Be Warned Again

By FactsWow Team

Apple Inc. Stock

Apple Inc. Stock seeks Alpha from mid-December 2021. The company continued to gratify shareholders during hard times. It seemed costly in comparison with the IT sector and its historical multiples.

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The price elasticity of Apple's Products

The price elasticity to demand Apple's products is threatening now to the next year. In Europe, gas and electricity bills have doubled, where 24.1% of total revenue depends. China seems to have no better situation and expects a demand commotion which is tricky to track using lead times.

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'Apple' considers a Price Cut

Apple is considering a price cut for iPhone 15 and its 'Plus' variant due to less demand for iPhone 14 and the larger iPhone 15 Plus. In the recent quarter, it made around 52% of revenue in FY2022 from all iPhones.

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iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 Plus

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus categories generated up to 5% of the total assortment, and it seems hard to hit the sales equation as 'price multiped by total volume = total sales'.

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Sales of 'Plus' Models

Apple faces certain hitches in selling the 'Plus' Models for a few months. Additionally, the company will force it to lower the prices for flagship models like iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13, not only for the 'Plus' variant.

Media Credits: 91mobiles.com

Apple's Products are price Elastic

Apple's products are price elastic, indicating that the risk couldn't be ruled out that Apple will reduce the production volume against the backdrop to lower the selling prices. Once this risk emerges, the stock will be going to plunge.

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