An alien researcher found an 'elephant-like creature' on Mars

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Posted on: 18 Jun, 2022

An elephant-like creature was found on Mars by an alien researcher named Scott Waring.

A self-proclaimed alien researcher Scott Waring said he found a strange creature that looked like an elephant on Mars. He took his finding to the UFO Sightings Daily website to share his discovery. 

He had intentionally studied the Red Planet's surface images as he found something unusual between the rock formations.

Scott Waring on signs of life on Mars:

Scott Waring wrote on his website as he discovered an exciting thing in the photo of Mars. It is an elephant-like creature with a small trunk, sitting and looking to the left. It has an enormous face, thick lips, open mouth, round nose, and two eyes; without any doubt, these are signs of life on Mars.

Scott Waring showed images of monkey and other creatures:

This is not the first time Scott Waring will use the Internet to explain the entire scenario of other sightings. Along with this elephant-like creature, he had also spotted a furry monkey on the planet's surface and demanded, 'Why the hell aren't biologists and zoologists looking into this?'

Scott Waring previously shared images of a Polar bear, a 'dark lady, and a space crab on Mars. His discovery comes as NASA unveiled their latest discovery on the Red Planet.

Rover found metal object on Mars:

Once, the Space rover came across a shiny metal object on Mars. But later piece of debris was identified from Perseverance's landing equipment. At this time, excitement prevailed among the world's conspiracy theorists following the find.

NASA called it a thermal blanket:

NASA experts called it a 'thermal blanket,' which was found some 2 km from where the descendant happened; experts have been speculating that it could have been blown there by the gust of wind.

NASA tweeted its announcement about the finding the Rover itself said: Its team has spotted something unexpected, and it's a piece of a 'thermal blanket' that they think may have come from its descent stage, the rocket-powered jet pack that set down on landing day back in 2021.

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