02 Aug, 2023


Post Malone's Hit song becomes the anthem for 2023 College Football Season

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Post Malone

Popular for his soul touching raps and music. Post Malone is what you call an icon in the world of Music. And his New track has captured the heart of fans all over the world.

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Hit song

His new hit song 'Something Real' has been in the mouth of many, so it is no surprise it gained the attention of popular football channels. The song depicts a quest for something exciting, life changing and miraculous hence the name something real.

Media Credits: Planet Radio

Rise to Anthem

As the song gained attention, even ESPN couldn't resist the allure it had. Not long after the song release ESPN through their news media announced 'Something Real' as the anthem for the 2023 college football season.

Media Credits: E! Online

College football 2023 season

With excitement building, and hearts racing the 2023 college football season is set to kick off on 26th of August and this new anthem has pumped up the hype leaving fans in a wave of excitement.

Media Credits: People Magazine

Increased Excitement

As the excitement build for the next season, fans are pleased with the new anthem as it add life and keep the love for the sport Real.

Media Credits: People

Words from football fans

Several football fans have taken to social media to express their love for the anthem. Many have said they got goosebumps while watching the video expressing how ignited their hopes for the new season was while listening to the anthem.

Media Credits: Capital XTRA

Post Malone expression

While post Malone has not openly praised himself for achieving this feat. It is clear how happy he is to participate in the creation of something real with ESPN team.

Media Credits: Syracuse.com

What fans think

According to his fans, Something Real should be recorded as the best college football anthem to had ever been used as it clearly portrays the hope,joy and excitement football has to offer.

Media Credits: Syracuse.com

A big football season

As fans await the New football season, something Real will continue to ring in their hearts as a passage for a yet another big season.

Media Credits: IMDb

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