On Edge's 25th Anniversary, The Wwe Veteran Is Back In Form!

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The career of Edge!

The edition of WWE SmackDown airing on August 18 will honor Edge's impressive career. The August 18 installment of the program will commemorate Edge's 25th year with the company, the broadcast team said on the August 4 episode.

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Set for celebration!

The WWE SmackDown 25th Anniversary performance will be at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Canada.

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Edge and Vickie!

Edge and Vickie Guerrero were the epitome of a power couple since Edge was the top villain in the WWE and Guerrero was the SmackDown general manager.

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Edge and Vickie had a very embarrassing wedding ceremony when Triple H revealed her fiance's infidelity with former WWE diva Alicia Fox before they split up amicably.

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A big comeback!

After her contract with AEW ended, Vickie left the company and is now a free agent. If the WWE brought her back, she may either surprise the former WWE Champion on his big day or end up haunting him.

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Came Face-to-face!

When Ms. Guerrero was Dolph Ziggler's manager, the two met again, and she brought up what had happened on her 'wedding day' again. Edge, who was by this time over a babyface, was enjoying Vickie's suffering at the time.

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Dream match of Anthony Bowen!

Edge is in the WWE and appears to be retiring, while Christian is now with AEW. Anthony Bowen's idea of a dream match will come true once things take a wild turn.

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Retirement of Edge!

All wrestling fans saw the Rated R Superstar suffer a career-ending injury. Yet, he could push through it and bounce back sufficiently to rejoin the organization nine years later. However, returning to the ring was a lengthy and challenging trip.

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Wrestler promotion!

Seeing a wrestler from a competing promotion publicly endorse a leading figure from another organization is intriguing. It demonstrates the kind of respect the former heavyweight world champion enjoys.

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