Michael Oher Breaks Silence on Adoption and Royalty Dispute Linked to 'The Blind Side'

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Poverty to wealth story altered claimed by Michael

Former American football megastar claimed that how his story from being poverty to wealth was altered into an an Oscar winning Hollywood film, the story is fabricated on lies

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An adopted Child in the film

A well off couple adopts a child named Michael Oher in the movie ‘The blind Side’ in Tennessee in 2009 and the child sprouts into a college star player. While filing in a court, Mr. Michael at present 37, claims that he was never fostered rather he was deceived into a guardianship over his money.

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Micahels name used to built Million dollars

Tuohy’s Family spokespersons do not reply to the assertions that Sean and Leigh built million dollars using the name of Micheal.. These claims were made by Mr.Oher

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Sean refuse to the alleges

Tuohys family had not produced any money in the name of the movie.Sean refused He also mentioned to the website of Daily Memphian that he was offended by the assertion that Mr Oher claims on his family. While talking about revenue he mentions that they only take a dividend from a book based upon the movie which was authored by Michael Lewis.

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Tuohys shattered

These assertions shattered us Mr.Tuohy mentioned, we never desire to think about producing any money from any of my teens, this is really distressing. Mr. Tuohy mentioned that we are going to show our affection and love to Micahel exactly like we used to love him at 16.

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Appeal in court

The Tuohys deceived Mr Oher by forging him their custodian soon after Micahel reached the age of 18. the petition was filed in demise court in Shelby County, Tennessee on the 26th page on Monday

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Orders over guardianship by US court

A US court gave the rule of guardianship to any legal guardian or parent to look after the financial or personal matters of a person who is not capable of handling them on their own due to disability or age.

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Tuohys authority over my money Mr. Oher claims

Mr. Oher claims that he turned 18 and had no physical or mentally disability but regardless of the truth Tuohys took authority of my money. From a very young age, Mr Oher seemed promising towards sport but as he was an adopted child and also dropped out into school, he often required support The petition paper states that his fellow parents' saw Michael as a simple ,lovely and deprived child but the Tuohys used Michael for their own sake as they saw Michael like a dupable little man due to his great sports capabilities. The appeal claims that the white couple fabricated to the teen that they had adopted him legally and that the guardianship could be taken by the age of 18 The Tuohys were only benefiting themselves from the money made by the movie. In February 2023. Michael found out about the truth that he gets nothing. He wants his authority over his money and wants an end to guardianship so he appeals to court.

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