17 Jul, 2023


Marketa Vondrousova | First Unseeded Champion at Wimbledon 2023

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Open Era

Since the commencement of the Wimbledon Open era in 1968, Vondrousova has become the 24th female who gained victory over the Venus Rosewater Dish. However, she remains the first ever unseeded female to do so.

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Marketa Vondrousova

Marketa Vondrousova of the Czech Republic took part in the Wimbledon women's singles champions in the Open Era, and she got success over her straight-sets Tunisia Ons Jabeur on Saturday.

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Novotna and Kvitova

Marketa Vondrousova, a 24-year-old left-handed woman, is the third performer from the Czech Republic who seized the title after Petra Kvitova (2014, 2011) and Jana Novotna (1998).

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Martina Navratilova

A USA player, Martina Navratilova, seized the breaking record of the most Nine Wimbledon titles, followed by Serena Williams and Steffi Graf, who gained a victory on Seven titles.

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Unpredictable Tournament

Yonex's Vondrousova thought playing on the green grass was like an 'impossible' task. However, Yonex ambassador seized Wimbledon's first Gram Slam title after winning over Ons Jabeur of Tunisia with a score of '6-4, 6-4', a result that none could predict before the game started.

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Vondrousova Experienced An Amazing Feeling

After triumphing in the title by defeating five-seeded rivals in the seven tennis matches, Marketa Vondrousova said she didn't know what was happening. It was an amazing feeling for her.

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Roland Garros in 2019

It's not surprising that Vondrousova has succeeded at the Grand Slam Final as an 'unseeded winner'; she also made an extraordinary effort in 2019's Roland-Garros. She conquered Jabeur when she was in a plaster cast due to an operation.

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True Spirit of Tennis

With defeating over the 'deftest of volleys', Marketa Vondrousova showcased her true spirit of playing a Tennis game. She still has faith in her abilities with her peculiar style and perseverance to attain the peak of Wimbledon grandeur.

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Elena Rybakina

Elena Rybakina, who hailed from Kazakhstan, won the Wimbledon title in 2022 with a score of '6-2, 3-6, 6-2'. She gained a victory by conquering a player from Tunisia, Ons Jabeur.

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Ashleigh Barty

A Tennis player from Australia, Ashleigh Barty has seized success in 2021 with a score of 6-3, 6-7, and 6-3. The runner was a player from the Czech Republic, Karolina Pliskova.

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No Tournament Due to Covid

There'd been chances to conduct a Wimbledon Tennis Competition in 2020, but because of Covid-19, it couldn't be held, so the tournament remained on hold.

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