03 Jan, 2023


Damar Hamlin of Buffalo Bills' collapsed on field; administered CPR before hospitalization

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On Monday, Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills collapsed on the field during Night Football and is currently in critical condition.

Media Credits: Yahoo

Hamlin received strong blow in head

Early in the game's first quarter, wide receiver Tee Higgins of the Cincinnati Bengals delivered a strong blow to the head of Hamlin, 24, who instantly bounced back before dropping to the ground.

Media Credits: Stripe Hype

Performed CPR

As Hamlin was placed in an ambulance, medical personnel appeared to be giving him oxygen and performing CPR.

Media Credits: Twitter

Hamlin hospitalized

Hamlin was taken by ambulance two miles from the stadium to a Cincinnati hospital.

Media Credits: Yahoo Finance

Parents took in the ambulance

His parents, father Mario and mother Nina were carried down from the stands and put in the ambulance alongside him.

Media Credits: The US Sun

Hamlin got a pulse

Based on a tweet by a sports outlet, it is said that Hamlin had a pulse and could not breathe by himself.

Media Credits: Sportskeeda

Fellow players cried

Players from both teams knelt on the field while Hamlin was being treated by medical personnel, with several Bills players crying.

Media Credits: The Washington Post

The game called off

An hour after his collapse, the NFL formally decided to call off the game for the evening.

Media Credits: Daily Telegraph

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