09 Jan, 2023


As Jason Myers' Field Goal In Overtime, The Seahawks Beat The Rams

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Hospitalization was necessary

As a result of a pulmonary contusion, rookie safety Russ Yeast was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Coach Sean McVay said he is in stable condition.

Media Credits: DraftKings Nation

Yeast made three tackles

A team spokesperson said Yeast would be hospitalized overnight as a precaution as he replaced the injured Nick Scott. Yeast made three tackles, including one for a loss.

Media Credits: Turf Show Times

A trainer was present

A trainer accompanied Yeast during the game to the hospital, and team members Jalen Ramsey, Chris Shula, and Jonathan Cooley went with him after the game.

Media Credits: Rams Wire-USA Today

An overtime goal by Jason Myers

A 32-yard field goal by Jason Myers in overtime earned Seattle a victory over the Super Bowl-defending champion Rams, ending their season at 5-12.

Media Credits: Seattle Sports-MyNorthwest.com

Red zone for Seattle

During the winning field goal attempt, Tyler Lockett had a 17-yard catch, and Kenneth Walker III had a 20-yard run, putting Seattle in the red zone.

Media Credits: TSN

The game was not won

Baker Mayfield's deep pass intended for Van Jefferson was intercepted by Seattle safety Quandre Diggs in overtime, and the Rams could not win the game.

Media Credits: Seattle Seahawks

There was no penalty

When Diggs taunted former Seahawks teammates Bobby Wagner after the catch, an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty was not imposed.

Media Credits: The Seattle Times

Walker rushed 114 yards

In 29 carries, Walker rushed for 114 yards with 19 completions, one touchdown, and two interceptions by Seattle quarterback Geno Smith.

Media Credits: Field Gulls

The seahawks' time has come

There is still time for the Seahawks to make the playoffs. They will reach the postseason if the Packers lose their Sunday Night Football game to the Detroit Lions.

Media Credits: Henry Herald

Attempt missed on a field goal

It was only the third missed field-goal attempt this season for Myers after he was penalized for unnecessary roughness on Jalen Ramsey.

Media Credits: goSkagit

The Seahawks tied the game

The Seahawks tied the score late in the fourth quarter after Rams defensive tackle Jonah Williams was penalized for roughing the kicker.

Media Credits: Sports lllustrated

Make your mark as a Seahawk

There were 6.7 yards per play for the Seahawks to 5.3 for the Rams. The Seahawks could have won by more than nine points.

Media Credits: Seattle Seahawks

The season's ground game

A rare occurrence, Wolford could only complete 14 passes during the Rams' most successful ground game of the season.

Media Credits: Seattle Seahawks

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