26 Jul, 2023


17-year WWE Legend States She’s Ready To Face 2 Top AEW Stars And Saraya

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A WWE Star

A previous WWE star commented on her future; she was released from a company past this year and named her dream rivals as the Saraya AEW and other outcast fellows. See the full report from factswow.com and gain in-depth insight into this trending news.

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The Outcasts Group

The Outcasts faction includes the champion of AEW women such as Saraya as fka Paige, Ruby Soho, and Toni Storm, dominating the company’s women’s division since its formation. These three WWE stars have managed to attain the mountaintop quickly.

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The Trio Falls in Women Wrestler’s List

The trio belongs to every woman’s wrestler’s list while asking for whom they must face off. Currently, the earlier diva named Alicia Fox pinged on her dream rivals and talked about the women of AEW, who she’d faced a discussion with Muscle Man Malcolm.

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The Stamford-based Promotion

Alicia Fox had a long contract aligned with Stamford-based promotion before the departure occurred this year. However, it is easy to say that she did not have the blooming career she dreamt of since the management put her in the comedy lineups.

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The Reality of Wrestling Promotion

In ‘Reality for Wrestling Promotion, Alicia Fox was seen performing as Vix Crow. When she discussed with ‘Ring the Belle,’ Fox disclosed how bad she felt throughout the departure from the Stamford-based promotion due to not receiving support or proper goodbye.

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Alicia To Pursue Her Wrestling Career

Apart from her appearance on the ‘Reality of Wrestling,’ Alicia remained quiet about her plans. Fans are excited to reveal their next destination since she starts the next chapter of her wrestling career. Fetch more info from factswow.com and get aware of the latest trends.

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