For $225, you can get a pair of authentic Halo boots

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Posted on: 28 Mar, 2022

In operation of launching new shoes

The new Master Chief-inspired clodhoppers from American shoe manufacturer Wolverine might be what you,re looking for if you,ve got $225 lying around, need new boots and are a Halo fan with a tendency to lose your sanity.

A large number of products for the shoe

The shoes are being developed by 343 Industries, a Halo studio, in collaboration with Wolverine studio Wolverine,s Hellcat boot. Fans noticed that the gear looked like something from the Halo universe after the shoes were revealed.

A long-term plan in the making of boots

As comments started coming in, Wolverine addressed them by saying he would like to see the boots made a reality. We,re answering the call now that we,ve worked together for nearly a year.

In the development of armor

In addition to the Spartan number 117 and the UNSC United Nations Space Command logo, the boots are Master Chief green.


As well as the Spartan armor,s logo bears that of the Materials Group, the division of the Office of Naval Intelligence responsible for developing the Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor.

Collaboration with Wolverine

The fans have long asked for a Master Chef-inspired shoe, given our roots in military science fiction. Friend, responsible for Halo and Xbox consumer products at 343 Industries, was eager to respond when Wolverine approached them about collaborating.

Immerse into the universe of boots

Fans will be able to step into the shoes of Master Chief and immerse themselves in the Halo universe, says Sega, ,The limited-edition boot offers Halo fans a chance to immerse themselves in the Halo universe every day.

Disappointment with the price

It,s disappointing that only 117 pairs of boots will exist. It,s not because of the price - really, $225 is a pretty reasonable price for a decent pair of shoes - but because there are very few made.

partnership with Wolverine

As part of our partnership with Wolverine, we are excited to see how the fans react to the upcoming launches and the collaboration.

The shoe is for first come, first serve

As of now, it,s not clear how the shoes will be distributed - it could be first-come, first-served, a lottery system, or another option - but regardless of the details, it,s safe to assume that they,ll be snapped up quickly.

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