15 Apr, 2023

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Who Has Changed The Most On Sister Wives, According To Fans

By FactsWow Team

Creativity And Complexity

The Browns have grown and changed since the first episode of Sister Wives aired in 2010, and like many families, they have become more complicated and creative.

Media Credits: Us Weekly

Significantly Changed

Some Browns have changed greatly since season 1, much to the surprise of fans. It is natural for people to mature over time, but some of the Browns seem to have become entirely different individuals.

Media Credits: The US Sun

Acquired A Deeper Understanding

Viewers have seen births, weddings, and various other family gatherings since Sister Wives premiered and gained a better understanding of how polygamist families function.

Media Credits: Today

Views From Behind-the-scenes

As fans continue to get behind-the-scenes glimpses of what's going on, Gwen Brown's reaction videos on YouTube provide even more inside information.

Media Credits: All About The Tea

A Drastic Change Occurred

Many fans believe that the Brown family has drastically changed since the beginning, regardless of Gwen's insights into the family's character.

Media Credits: Country Living Magazine

A Caring Friend At First Glance

It was noted that he has become 'overtly controlling and hateful' over time. Others have argued that he initially appeared as a caring friend but, in reality, is an 'angry misogynist.'

Media Credits: Us Weekly

Fans Are Becoming More Aware

As time passes, fans increasingly realize that Kody is not a fun-loving father but a dictator who demands his rules are followed.

Media Credits: The Ashley's Reality Roundup

She Was Cagey And Frightened

During the first few seasons, viewers thought Meri Brown was cagey and afraid to speak her mind. Now she isn't so cagey.

Media Credits: Entertainment Tonight

A Successful, Independent Individual

She's become quite successful and independent over the years, but her followers are saddened by how Kody abandoned her.

Media Credits: Soap Opera Spy

Consequences For The Family

She may have withdrawn from the family due to being treated like a pest by Kody for years

Media Credits: All About The Tea

The Return Has Been Slow

Since Meri's divorce from Kody, she has slowly been returning to her former happy state, although fans have worried about Meri's happiness for a while.

Media Credits: Us WeeklySoap Dirt

The Changes Over Time

It is hard to ignore that Janelle Brown has changed over the years. Fans describe her as 'numbed out' and 'hiding behind who she is' to fit in with her family.

Media Credits: Soap Dirt

The Appearance Of Janelle Was Still Being Determined

Initially, Janelle appeared unsure of herself and uncomfortable around our camera crew due to her reluctance to rock the boat.

Media Credits: Yahoo

Praise From Fans

Despite this, her fans have praised her for being 'reserved and thoughtful while still being assertive.'

Media Credits: In Touch Weekly

Most Positive Changes

One of Sister Wives' most positive changes was Janelle learning to speak her mind to Kody about issues that matter to her.

Media Credits: The Sun

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