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What made Meghan McCain leave 'The View'

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Moderate views were abused

Meghan McCain says she quit 'The View' because her partners, including Whoopi Goldberg and Happiness Behar, abused her for having moderate perspectives while experiencing post-pregnancy uneasiness.

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How Whoopi is treating

As the nation deteriorated under Trump, the treatment from Whoopi, Bliss, and some staff developed meaner and less sympathetic.

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The president was unbearable

She proceeded; Maybe I had become a symbol for all they couldn't stand about the president. Know more news from

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Decided not to be in favor

It seemed like the co-has and staff knew one conservative me and took out the entirety of their annoyance on me, even though I didn't decide in favor of Trump.

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Beginning of the show

McCain, 36, said Goldberg, 65, had her back when she began at the ABC show; however, that was all different following two years when she felt the EGOT victor had turned on her.

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Talk of politics drifted

Every so often, assuming the show's political talk drifted into an area that she saw as unsavory, Whoopi would remove me, at times brutally.

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The president slammed

She likewise felt analysis from Behar, 79, who once addressed how McCain could stay a conservative while Trump had slammed her late dad, Sen. John McCain.

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Hold due to the pregnancy

McCain said that when she returned from 90 days of maternity leave, she encountered post-pregnancy uneasiness, which made her co-hosts' scorching moves much harder to initiate.

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Control over the feelings

'As I was dealing with my sentiments, I couldn't investigate the likelihood that I was hated and felt despised in a hurtful work environment,' she said.

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