15 Apr, 2023

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The Top-Notch Korean Dramas That Have A Serial Killer Storyline

By FactsWow Team


A 2022 Korean drama serial killer, 'Somebody' offers a twisty and intriguing theme with a topical premise that makes it creepier. It follows an app creator, Kim Sum, who works for a connecting social application despite their issues with interpersonal communication. 

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Train, a 2020 Korean drama, combines a thrilling storyline of crime and murder with a unique fantasy element, sure to captivate viewers. Seo Do-Won's life takes a drastic turn when his beloved becomes the target of a serial killer.

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Memorist, a highly acclaimed Korean drama from 2020, garnered attention as a thrilling crime series featuring a serial killer. Based on a popular Daum webtoon by Jae Hoo, the show follows the intriguing story of Dong Baek (Yoo Seung-Ho), a detective with the unique ability to read memories through touch.

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Tunnel, a gripping 2017 K-drama with time travel, combines crime, intrigue, and mystery elements in its captivating storyline. The show's popularity led to remakes in various countries and languages, though a US adaptation is still pending. 

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Voice, a hit Korean drama featuring a serial killer, has gained widespread popularity and even received a second season, making it a rare K-drama with multiple installments. 

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For fans of thrilling K-dramas, Mouse offers murder, intrigue, spine-chilling drama, and unexpected plot twists. This 2021 Korean drama with a serial killer stands out as a unique and captivating story in the genre.

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