15 Apr, 2023

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The Fourth Season Of Love Is Blind: Who Gets Married And Who Doesn't?

By FactsWow Team

Love Is Blind Season Four

As the fourth season of Love Is Blind drew to a close on April 14, couples had to say either 'I do' or leave their loved one behind.

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Ceremony Of Holy Matrimony

Four couples from the pods were brought before each other in holy matrimony ceremonies, but not every couple married.

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Unexpected Twists And Turns

After a season full of unexpected twists, such as premature breakups, love triangles, and falling asleep in pods, the season finale not only delivered but also exceeded expectations.

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Demas professed his love for Josh

There was no wedding for Jackelina and Marshall in Love Is Blind, season 4. Jackie still needs to make it to her dress fitting. Josh Demas professed his love to her at a coffee shop and imploded her to 'pick me.'

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A Tendency To Self-sabotage

As someone not ready for marriage, a casual relationship seems the better choice, given her tendencies toward self-sabotage.

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Reservations Were Expressed

After Chelsea says 'I do' to her soulmate, Kwame, the story ends with a cliffhanger. Kwame has serious reservations about his relationship with Chelsea in the postponed episodes.

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Flirting Opportunity

Despite claiming to love her, he grabbed any opportunity to flirt with Micah and felt more compromised than Chelsea in the relationship.

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Several Difficulties Arise

Micah and Paul's relationship seemed fraught with difficulties after Paul's awkward encounter with Micah's perverse friend Shelby.

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No Assurances Were Given

It was evident Micah was feeling insecure regarding Paul, despite Paul's parents' approval. In her defense, he didn't offer any assurances that he was all-in.

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The Couple's Wedding Issues

Despite the preview, Brett and Tiffany appeared to have a few personal issues on their wedding day, perhaps the most solid couple from Love Is Blind.

Media Credits: Us Weekly

Brett Is Upset And Says

The sneak peek for episode 12 showed Brett upset and saying that his wedding day shouldn't have any surprises.

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Accepted With Gladness

A cliffhanger ending in episode 5 induced Bliss and Zack to date, where Zack proposed on a yacht to Bliss, who happily accepted.

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The Pressure Of Past Family History

It was hard for Zack to explain how his second choice had become his fiancée because of his past family history and the pressure to make Bliss' family happy.

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