17 Apr, 2023

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The Biggest Enterprise Questions Answered By Picard In Star Trek TNG

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An Answer Has Been Provided

A long-simmering question about the fate of Jean-Luc Picard's former vessels, the USS Enterprises D and E, was finally answered in Star Trek: Picard episode 9, 'Vox.'

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An Onboard Crew Would Remain

Star Trek: The Next Generation was centered on Enterprise-D throughout the seven seasons. Through Star Trek: Nemesis, the final episode of the TNG series, Picard and his crew would remain aboard the sleeker, more powerful Enterprise-E.

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A Resolution Has Yet To Be Reached

No proper sendoff was given to either vessel. Despite Star Trek: Nemesis ending abruptly, there was still no resolution to the fate of USS Enterprise-E after Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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There Is Still One Mission To Go

It turned out that the USS Enterprise-D had one more mission left in her after its disastrous run-in with the Klingon Duras Sisters in Star Trek Generations.

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Enterprise-D: What Happened?

Star Trek Generations brought the Galaxy-class USS Enterprise-D to the big screen after seven seasons as a hero ship in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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Damaged Heavily

A battle with the Klingon Duras Sisters would result in the ship suffering heavy damage, proving to be a short-lived promotion. The Enterprise-D defeated the Klingons, but it suffered heavy damage.

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The Drive Section Was Damaged

As a result of a warp core breach, the drive section was destroyed, while the saucer section crash-landed on Veridian III, a planet that had not been developed.

Media Credits: Memory Alpha-Fandom

A Brief History Of The Enterprise-E

When the USS Enterprise-E debuted, it was the most advanced ship in the fleet, designed specifically to defend against Borg attacks.

Media Credits: Memory Alpha-Fandom

Stopping The Ship Was The Mission

During Star Trek: First Contact and Star Trek Nemesis, the ship was tasked with stopping the Borg attack under Captain Picard's command.

Media Credits: Memory Alpha-Fandom

A Notable Absence

The Enterprise-E has notably been absent from modern Star Trek, though there have been several unnamed Sovereign-class ships in Star Trek: Lower Decks and Star Trek: Prodigy.

Media Credits: Trek Central

Enterprise-E Captain Worf

After Picard was promoted to Admiral and left the USS Enterprise-E, Worf became Captain of the vessel, as long suggested by unofficial tie-in materials.

Media Credits: Memory Gamma-Fandom

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