15 Apr, 2023

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The 7 Little Johnstons: Is Finland The Family's Next Stop?

By FactsWow Team

A Famous Show

For almost a decade, fans have been impressed by the 7 Little Johnstons family, starring on the TLC network. 

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Fans Are Following The Show

Fans have been following their lives unfold on the network for over eight years. A new member joined their huge family and was immediately accepted as their own. 

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Family's New Member

It was none other than Joose, an exchange student from Finland, who became very close to them over the years. 

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Move To Finland

Some have referred to him as the eighth member of their family. The Johnstons are heading to Finland based on the glimpses of their new trailer!

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Trent And Amber's Time

During the last few seasons, Trent and Amber Johnston went outside their comfort zone to do something new. 

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A Trump Card Show

They captured it all and showcased it through their show. Joose Jeskanen, the exchange student from Finland, came to stay with Trent and Amber Johnston. 

Media Credits: Sportskeeda

Joose Visits America

All of them got along well, despite a cultural and language barrier. Joose visited the United States again after his visit. As a result of the new trailer, things changed.

Media Credits: Ilta-Sanomat

More Glimpses From Johnstons

It was revealed last year that the Johnstons family had visited Finland. Joose came to America for the Little People Convention in Spokane, Washington, at the end of the previous season. 

Media Credits: Good Housekeeping

A Surprise Visit To Finland

The Johnstons decided to surprise Joose by visiting Finland this year. In terms of empowerment and enrichment, it was excellent for him to see so many little people. Instagram also showed glimpses of it.

Media Credits: MEAWW

Social Media Posts

Several glimpses of their Finland trip were posted on Amber's Instagram page, 7 Little Johnston. They only made the trip. 

Media Credits: In Touch Weekly

Who Are In The Picture?

The pictures revealed that Amber, Jonah, and Liz stayed in America. Thus, Trent, Amber, Emma, and Alex were the only ones who experienced the Arctic Circle for the first time. 

Media Credits: TVShowsFinder

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