15 Apr, 2023

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The 13 Best Naruto Fights Of All Time

By FactsWow Team

Naruto Vs. Pain

On the one hand, Pain and Naruto represent Jiraiya's greatest success, while on the other, he's had his greatest failures.

Media Credits: Fiction Horizon

Naruto Vs. Sasuke

They both use Rinnegan and the Six Paths Sage Mode in the final battle of Naruto: Shippuden. As a result, entire landscapes are destroyed due to their battle.

Media Credits: Reddit

Guy Vs. Madara

A man limited only by his physicality, determination, and the springtime of youth can only do so much in this battle between Lee and Gaara.

Media Credits: DeviantArt

Sasuke Vs. Itachi

In the second episode of Naruto, Sasuke finally gets the revenge he has sought since making his debut. In one of the most poignant fights, Sasuke fights his brother Itachi and is left dumbfounded.

Media Credits: SoundCloud

Kakashi Vs. Obito

After Obito's apparent death and Kakashi's murder of his teammate, Obito, and Kakashi goes down different paths, ultimately merging in Kamui's Dimension, where they will fight again as enemies.

Media Credits: AlphaCoders

Jiraiya Vs. Pain

Taking on the Six Paths of Pain, six undead shinobi controlled by Jiraiya's former student Nagato, the Toad Sage, and legendary Sannin Jiraiya fight the Six Paths of Pain.

Media Credits: Narytopedia

Shikamaru Vs. Hidan

The fact that Hidan cannot be killed gives him a distinct advantage over Shikamaru, an intelligent strategist who possesses Shadow Possession Jutsu.

Media Credits: Pinterest

Orochimaru Vs. Third Hokage

This fight demonstrates Orochimaru's power as he battles the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, during the Chunin Exams.

Media Credits: DeviantArt

Hashirama Vs. Madara

In a battle on a scale never experienced before, Madara's Susanoo and control over Nine-Tails are pitted against Hashirama's Wood Style and Sage Mode.

Media Credits: Peakpx

Minato Vs. Obito

A 'Flee on Sight' order is issued to enemy ninjas under Minato Namikaze. While Minato destroys entire armies, Obito causes nations to collapse under him.

Media Credits: steam community

Sakura And Chiyo Vs Sasori

Naruto fights are typically characterized by talking rather than fighting, but Sakura and Chiyo teaming up against Sasori are normal.

Media Credits: Narytopedia

Rock Lee Vs. Gaara

The jinchuriki of Shikaku, considered the underdog by most, competes in the Chunin Exams Gaara against Rock Lee.

Media Credits: Reddit

Shikamaru Vs. Temari

Despite Shikamaru controlling shadows and Temari being able to use wind with her fan, Shikamaru and Temari don't compete in a flashy fight like other Chunin Exams.

Media Credits: Tumbler.com

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