23 Feb, 2023

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Tammy’s weight loss journey has taken her to the next step - Surgery

By FactsWow Team

About Tammy!

In season 4 of 1000-lb, sister Tammy is an overweight individual facing her demons to reduce her weight. 

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Instagram Post

In her recent IG post, she proudly says about overcoming her demons to fight her weight loss journey. 

Media Credits: Sportskeeda

Episode Promo Clip 

The recent promo shows how Tammy visits multiple specialists to get her surgery approved. 

Media Credits: The Cinemaholic

Emotional Roller coaster

As Tammy goes through various procedures and doctors, she tells us how much of an emotional roller coaster it is for her. 

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Her Shoulder to Lean on!

Like all other sisters, Amanda is there for Tammy and informs her that she will be there for her throughout. 

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Doctor’s say!

Amanda further adds that she and her family are scared that she might not get approved for the surgery. 

Media Credits: Sportskeeda

Family’s feelings!

Tammy's entire family is scared that she might get approved for the surgery or she might not. Deep down, they wish for her to get approved for the surgery. 

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