12 Jul, 2023

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SojaBoy's 90-Day Fiance's Relationship History

By FactsWow Team

Star of unscripted television

Pennsylvania lady Lisa became an unscripted television star after being projected in Multi-Day Life Partner: Before the 90 Days, featuring Nigerian singer Usman.

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Usman, as of now, stars

While the couple wedded in the finale, Usman presently stars in another time of B90 with a renewed person Kim Menzies in the wake of guaranteeing that he's separated.

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Rumors of Kim's Engagement

However, Lisa has a different perspective, particularly now that Kim's engagement rumors have surfaced.

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Fabrication of story

However, Lisa has tried to argue that Usman and Kim's storyline is fabricated over time. According to reports, Lisa was fired from 90 Day Fiancé after using the N-word for Usman.

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Statements that are made

Recently, Lisa, 53, has set out to expose Usman on Instagram. She has stated that Kim never intended to appear on '90 Day Fiancé.'

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Recognized his sentiments

It is said that American woman Zara and Usman broke up right before filming began, and he needed someone to take Zara's place, so he chose Kimberly. In addition, Usman has publicly acknowledged his feelings for Zara.

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Romance with Zara

However, Usman might have been romancing Zara and is present with Kim while as yet being hitched on paper.

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Kim and Usman included

Now, the blogger says that Kim and Usman are in Sokoto, Nigeria, right now. The 90-Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days could have a scene including Kim, Usman, and the ring.

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Usually found only in rural areas

We talked more about the fact that he was still married to Lisa. According to my source, polygamy is uncommon and typically only found in rural areas. 'Lisa is no longer married to him. She has already remarried herself happily,' a fan wrote in their comments.

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Fake relationship

On 90 Days Fiancé, Usman and Kim's alleged 'fake' relationship is examined: Fans want to know what Usman has to say about still being married before the 90 Days.

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