17 Jul, 2023

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'Sister Spouses' Trailer: Robyn Wails as Meri Uncovers

By FactsWow Team

Appearance of Kody Brown

After Christine Earthy Colored's takeoff, the existence of Kody Brown and the remainder of the sister spouses changed for eternity.

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Receiving the critics

Presently Meri and Janelle Brown are thinking about leaving Kody for good in the pristine time of Sister Spouses. Kody receives criticism from each of his wives in the explosive first trailer.

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The spot could be better

Kody concedes that he's in a 'terrible spot' with Janelle. He states I don't actually have the foggiest idea how to manage Meri.

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Trustworthy situation

Meri trusts the situation to work sort out between her and Kody. However, Kody is pondering 'why she lives in Flagstaff.'

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The decision for the engagement

Janelle plunks down with Christine and admits she doesn't 'have any desire to be hitched any longer.'

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Face-to-face discussion

In the meantime, Meri tells Robyn Earthy colored that Kody is 'done' with her. Kody and Christine likewise have an eye-to-eye genuine discussion after their split.

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Attention paid was true

Kody and Janelle get into a warm contention that outcomes in Kody are stomping out. Janelle requests that Kody plunk down and truly pay attention to what she needs to say.

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The air of the episode

The new time of Sister Spouses debuts August 20 at 10 p.m. on tender loving care. Sundays will still be the day that episodes air.

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