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Shocking Celebrity Relative Reveals: 'Claim to Fame' Season 2 Drama

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Season 2 is Back!

ABC’s reality tv show ‘claim to fame’ is back for season two with 12 new contestants to apprehend.

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The Big Secret

The reality Tv show which premiered in July, 2022 has only one secret, every contestant has a famous relative whose identity they are trying to desperately keep away from the group.

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The Hosts

The show is co-hosted by Franklin Jonas and his own famous relative Kevin Jonas. They lead contestants through every step of the way, and help them identify clues.

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The Same Star Power

The reality guessing game show season 2 that premiered June 2022 has some surprising new twists. The first season included the relatives of Whoopi Goldberg’s, Simon Biles, Zendaya, Larvene Cox and Cindy Crawford.

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Grandson of Jimmy Carter

Hugo was eliminated in episode 7 after failing to correctly guess Chris’ relative. It was revealed that Chris' grandfather was Jimmy Carter the 39th president of the United States.

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Niece of Tom Hanks - Carly Elimination

Carly was the first one to be eliminated in the second season after Hugo correctly guessed that she is the niece of Tom Hanks. Carly snubbed and stormed away screaming about the show making her clues too easy, and how she deserved more time on the screen.

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Changes in Season 2 Format

Season 2 in itself is full of twists, as this time round Kevin Jonas and Franklin Jonas are making sure that both homeowners and houseguests are kept in the dark about the famous relatives, this means that we have to give a prediction too.

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Remaining Contestants

As of yesterday’s episode, only five contestants are remaining, Chris, Gabriel, J.R, Karsyn and Monay. We can assume that the remaining contestants' relatives are Chri - Donny Osmond, Gabriel - Nick Canon, J.R. - Lil Nas X, Karsyn - Dale Earnhardt J.R., Monay - J.B. Smoove.

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Upcoming Episodes and the Journey Ahead.

Following yesterday’s episode, It is likely obvious which contestants will be contending in the season finale which is rapidly approaching.Even though five contestants are remaining, it is beyond question that Chris and Gabriel are the ones to annihilate.

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Anticipation for Upcoming Reveal of Celebrity Relatives

Guessing celebrity identities with all clues floating around is not an even playing field. Some of the players remain anonymous while the relatives of others are kept secret. Audience engagement and guessing has also been extended in this new season. We cannot wait for the upcoming reveal!

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