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The Saxons in Winter King Season 1, History and Arthurian Enemies Details

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Due to the harsh climate and continuous weather, changing migration was only the option for ancient tribes; in the fifth century, the Saxons invaded Britain for several reasons, including the search for better land and crops. The show presents the ancient history of the Saxons and King Arthur and their invasion of Britain during the dark ages. Dark Ages represent the fall of Romans, due to which people of Britannia were unshielded, and the raid took place from every side by Jute, Angel, and Saxons tribes.

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The show's start demonstrates the dirty political game played in the country at that time between the Christians and Pagan tribes, resulting in disunity, which even the high king of Dumnonia could not fix. Due to this division, the Saxons got a chance to invade them more easily.

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The death of Prince Mordred

The winter king also shows how the heir of Pendragon, Prince Mordred, was killed during the battle between the Saxons and the kingdom of Dumnonia. The show also highlights how Arthur failed to protect his half-brother during the fight.

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Why the Saxons invaded Britain

The question arises why the Saxons, in the first place, came to invade Britain. Well, there are plenty of theories regarding this. Some state that the hired soldiers of the Saxons were invited by the Romans to help them fight against Ireland and Scotland, which were at that time trying to invade Britain. Whereas others say that harsh and continuous climate changes made Saxons invade Britain, as summers in Britain meant better crops and fertile land to farm.

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The division of tribes

The show depicts that the country was already divided into different kingdoms and tribes even before the arrival of the Romans; the fall of the roman only led to further hostilities and war between tribes like pagans and Christians. The division among the tribes made Saxon’s work easy invading the land.

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Arthur finds Derfel

After Arthur was sent away from Britain, he came across a village where he found a bottomless pit filled with dead bodies; among all those unlucky people was a Saxon slave who was severely injured named, Derfel. Arthur rescues Derfel and takes him to Merlin for treatment. Eight years later, the show shows grownup Derfel, now a part of Avalon.

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Arthur defeat the Saxons

By the end of the episodes, Arthur's plan to defeat the Saxons can be seen; he will try to unite the tribes of Christians and Pagans to fight against the Saxons. Though the Saxons did not face much resilience at the beginning of their invasion afterward, the Romano-British set up a strong defense against them.

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Around the end of the 5th century and the beginning of the 6th century, the show depicts the bloody battle between Britain and the Saxons, called the Battle of Badon Hill. The winter king is an excellent season for people who are into history, as the show depicts the ancient facts and the great invasion of Britain by the Saxons.

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