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The Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Full of Cease Fire

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‘The Real Housewives of New York City’ was so different and fresh because there are some inescapable truths and recurring themes that this series is incapable of straying from no matter how hard it tries. And in this episode, the echoes of cease fire were louder than ever.

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Preparing Anniversary Party

Erin was so busy preparing for her anniversary party. Ubah takes her to her friend jewelry, Jacob Arabo’s jewelry store, to borrow diamonds for the anniversary party. When she tries on half a million dollars worth of jewelry, Erin says that she wants to forget her conflict with Jessel, even though she was still annoyed that Jessel allegated her that she does not support other women.

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Jessel Views

Moving to Jessel, she and Brynn were doing their own party preparation. Suddenly, she asks if Brynn looked closely at Erin’s invitation, there were just a lot of sponsors at the bottom, inversely proportional if compared to Brynn’s Coachella poster.

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Brynn also asks Jessel how things have been since the cackling hags incident, and she confidently says that she thinks her apology at her event was all-included, so she does not feel the need to apologize again.

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Jessel and Her Partner

A happy couple, Jessel and her partner, Pavit, were discussing the pre-school applications. But naturally, they were on two different pages when Pavit very shocked saw that the school costs $62,000, beside Jessel argues that Tom Cruise was sent his kid here and claimed that Pavit could be rubbing with that, without thought about the fact that they were both much too tall to rub with Tom Cruise.

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Not only that, the pre-school application needs them to list any boards they were on, so Jessel asks if Pavit’s a part of anything other than the Street Food Association of New York City, which she called it as ‘fried chicken committee’. Jessel was actually a star, and wanted to top it all off, but she accidentally calls her child ‘socially inept’ in that application.

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The Party Started

On the night of Erin’s anniversary party at the extravagant Hall des Lumieres, a massive former bank. All of the women were able to attend, except Ubah because she had a positive COVID test. All the women looked so amazing, Brynn arrives in a big white fur and sunglasses, Jenna greets Erin with an ass grab, and Jessel sports a shiny purple dress with poofy feathered sleeves.

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Action From SIngle Woman

Jenna was officially one of the single women, led by Brynn, who had been spending the party on the prowl, with her sights set on both Erin’s dad and husband. Shockingly, Brynn made a conflict and told Abe, Erin’s husband, that if things did not work out with Erin, she was available for him. However, it was a short-lived flirtation and she quickly told him that she was more interested in Erin’s dad.

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In walks RHOSLC’s Meredith Marks, with famed fashion designer Brooks Marks, who Erin invites over for Shabbat. This united clues about Meredith and Erin’s pre-Bravo friendship, continuing the pattern of Housewives from different cities having been connected long before the cameras showed up, such as Bethenny Frankel and Kyle Richards, Brandi Glanville and Kristen Taekman, and more.

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