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Reason Why America’s Leading Show ‘Big Brother’ Got a Sudden Closure

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Who doesn’t know America’s leading reality TV show named Big Brother? Well, all of us. The show is aired on CBS having some of the basic rules. Each participant has to abide by the rules of the show which says that it’s not allowed to use cell phones or to stay in touch with the world for the assigned days.

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Also, a big no to racial slurs and any foul related to that would result in the eradication of that particular contestant. Luke Valentine, who was a prominent figure in the show, perhaps with no violating intention, used a racial slur on Jared who was another participant of the show and was black.

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There is no repentance to any of the contestants who would use the N-word so openly and that’s what Luke did and got his elimination called. It’s wrong not because Luke used a racial slur against a black contestant but, it’s generally not ethical and shouldn’t be tolerated in the name of peace and justice against the black community.

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Scenario Where Luke Used the N-Word

While Luke was addressing other members of the house, he abruptly spoke the N-word before stating that he was in the cheese room (N-word) and soon as he realized that it was Jared also there, who was a black contestant, he tried to falsify his statement by saying that it was just a slip of the tongue and nothing else.

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He very soon realized that he has not abided by the rules for including the racial slur in the show and said that he might have created trouble for himself by putting him in such a situation.

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By not following the code of conduct of the show, strict action was taken and it was decided to have an unexpected closure of the most streamed show in America named ‘Big Brother’.

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Even before the show got started, all of the contestants were made very clear that racial slurs or any category of racism will result in direct elimination and no chance will be given to the doer.

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It’s due to this reason that the CBS reality show got knocked down and became a gossip for other TV channels as well.

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However, it’s not only about America's reality TV shows, any show on any channel that airs every weekend will have a zero-tolerance policy for offensive language consequences, which is a fair deal.

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For the future, CBS which airs Big Brother, took action against the incident making sure that any such violation or consequence will never be a part of the future episodes of Big Brother.

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It condemns any kind of racial slur because each member is given a code of conduct and is expected to follow it by all means. All of the day the members spend is unfiltered and has no privacy so each member is responsible for their conduct and eke inaction as well.

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