15 Apr, 2023

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Netflix | This Weekend's Newest TV Shows & Movies

By FactsWow Team

Famous Netflix Shows

It is a weekend of true crime documentaries, comedy dramas, miniseries, and movie continuations of popular TV series on Netflix. 

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List Of Movies

In addition to Surviving R. Kelly Part III: The Final Chapter, The Last Stand, A Simple Lie, and Holy Spider, Netflix added BEEF, Chupa, and Transatlantic. 

Media Credits: The Guardian

Various Types Of Movies

They also added the comedy-drama TV series BEEF, the fantasy adventure movie Chupa, and Transatlantic.

Media Credits: IMDb

American Manhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombing

A new Netflix documentary series focuses on the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, where two homegrown terrorists blew up the finish line.

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Why Watch?

In addition to videos, police radios, cellphone videos, and police, FBI, and citizen testimony of who played heroic roles in capturing the attackers, the series recounts the search that followed the attacks.

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Florida Man

In Florida Man, Donald Todd created a crime comedy-drama series. An ex-cop who returns to his Florida home state to search for the runaway girlfriend of a Philadelphia mobster, Mike Valentine, is forced to return home. 

Media Credits: Winnipeg Free Press

Overview Of The Movie

However, what should have been a simple task turns into a futile attempt to do what is right in a place where a lot is wrong and becomes a spiraling adventure into buried family secrets.

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Cast Members

Besides Abbey Lee and Anthony LaPaglia, the film also stars Otmara Marrero, Lex Scott Davis, Emory Cohen, Clark Gregg, Isaiah Johnson, Paul Schneider, and Lauren Buglioli.

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In the TV miniseries Obsession, William Farrow (Richard Armitage) begins an affair with Anna Barton (Charlie Murphy), his son's fiancée. 

Media Credits: Evening Standard

Origin Of The Story

Josephine Hart's Damage Inspired Obsession. A toxic and possessive relationship quickly threatens William's marriage and Jay's relationship, who becomes obsessed with his soon-to-be wife.

Media Credits: Evening Standard

Seven Kings Must Die

An adaptation of Bernard Cornwell's The Saxon Stories, Seven Kings Must Die is based on Bernard Cornwell's historical drama film The Last Kingdom.

Media Credits: Variety

Starring Artists

As Aethelstan (Harry Gilby) and Aelfweard (Ewan Horrocks), two potential heirs, vie for the throne after King Edward's death, peace is threatened.

Media Credits: Reddit

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