19 Apr, 2023

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Margaret Simon In Loving Embrace On New Are You There God? Poster

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Rachel's new poster

There is a new poster for the upcoming coming-of-age film Are You There God? It is Me, Margaret, which premieres on May 19, 2023. Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret was released exclusively on Twitter.

Media Credits: Entertainment Weekly

Release date 

The original release date of September 22, 2022, It's Me, Margaret, based on Judy Blume's middle-grade novel, was pushed back to April 28, 2023, when it became clear that the movie was going to be a hit. 

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Delay in releasing

After another delay, the movie will be released on May 19. In the comedy-drama Margaret Simon (Abby Ryder Fortson), an 11-year-old who moves from her New York City home to the suburbs of New Jersey, her world begins to change.

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Unexpected changes

After growing up in a house of Jewish and Christian parents, Margaret is forced to cope with puberty, make new friends, and discover her religious identity after being forced to change environments. 

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Cast members

In addition, the movie follows Margaret's father (Benny Safdie) and mother (Rachel McAdams) as they adjust to the changes brought about by the move.

Media Credits: Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki-Fandom

Generational relationship

Margaret (Kathy Bates) is embraced by her mother and grandmother (on the new poster). A previously released trailer indicated that Kelly Fremon Craig's adaptation of Blume's novel explores the relationship between the three generations of grandmothers, daughters, and granddaughters. 

Media Credits: TODAY

Expecting grandmother

From the car's rear seat, as her parents drove off to New Jersey, Margaret stared longingly at her grandmother.

Media Credits: Slash Flim

Title's intro

A voice introducing the movie and Margaret's prayer to God can be heard, opening with the title 'Are you there, God?'

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Unbelievable controversies

When Blume first published the novel in 1970, he received some backlash from parents and schools because the novel examined religious and sexual topics, and his views on religious issues were considered anti-Christian. 

Media Credits: Scary Mommy

Banned book sale

The book became a bestseller even though it was banned from school libraries during its release. Its exploration of religion and adolescence earned the book accolades and remained a bestseller.

Media Credits: Town & Country Magazine

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