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From The View To The World: The Evolution Of Lisa Ling's Career

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Negligence in the media

Ling's profession has comprised of conveying stories on TV that resound with a huge crowd, and she takes care of occasions and individuals that are generally neglected in media.

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Journalist with respect

Ling has established herself as a respected journalist and household name thanks to her nominations for multiple shows and Emmy awards. Know more news from

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Parents from different regions

Ling was brought up in an outsider family. Her father immigrated from Hong Kong in 1937, and her mother is a Taiwanese immigrant.

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The work with the best output

As a reporter, Lisa Ling has done outstanding work. Even so, her work as a secondary school understudy could have been more heavenly. She wrote a piece about her experience for CNN in 2014.

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Partnering with the youngsters

At 16 years of age, she handled a gig as a host on Scratch, a broadly partnered show in Sacramento equipped for youngsters.

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Host at a young age

The syndicated program was the ideal spot for someone like Lisa Ling. She became one of the show's youngest cohosts in 1999, aged 26.

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Hosting the show together

Crowds have kept on tuning in regardless of the alternating seats of co-has. From 1999 to 2002, when Lisa Ling cohosted, one particular fan tuned in to see her.

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Secret reveal in the concert

Ling revealed in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel that he called her and asked if she wanted to go to a TLC concert with him.

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Date with the partner

After the show, they talked all night long in his hotel room. The next day, the artist called her again and requested to hang out.

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Brave in the life

Lisa Ling has uncovered stunning stories from all sides of the world. From revealing in Afghanistan to addressing detainees in jail, Ling has been brave in her quest for crude stories.

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Difficulty with the sentence

Laura Ling was kept for a long time and addressed by authorities before being condemned to 12 years of extremely difficult work in a jail camp.

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Tweet by Ling

In Walk 2020, Ling tweeted a screen capture of a message she got on Instagram that contained racial slurs and wished damage to her youngsters.

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