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‘Kings Of BBQ’: Anthony and Cedric’s Flavorful TV Series

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Barbecue lovers and beloved comedians Anthony Anderson and his friend Cedric the Entertainer are all set to take their passion for smoked, grilled, and saucy barbecue to the next level. They are ready to launch their own barbecue brand known as AC Barbeque. But this is not all. They will also share their journey on the A&E series “Kings of BBQ.”

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Kings of BBQ

This TV series will take you on a journey with Anthony and Cedric as they explore the rich diversity of delicious barbeque. Watch them as they travel between different countries, and meet the best barbeque chefs and experts. The series will discover unique types of barbecues that will leave your mouth watering. To watch this reality TV series, hop onto A+E Network.

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Nostalgia and Comfort Food

This culinary adventure unveils Anthony and Cedric’s childhood love for barbeque. For many, barbeque holds a special place on the platter. Similarly, for Anthony Anderson, Barbeque adds an element of nostalgia. No doubt, a barbeque can make a perfect comfort food. When you watch this tv series, you yourself will discover how certain flavours and techniques can take the duo back to their childhood.

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Premiere Date and Schedule

Premier date: August 12, 2023 Series Format: Every Saturday

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Exploring Barbecue Traditions

This TV series is an amazing chance to learn from United States’ best barbecue experts. The hosts set out on their culinary adventure to explore regional flavours. You will also witness how they are joined by celebrity friends and family along the way.

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The best part is gaining insights into how cultural diversity has enriched BBQ techniques. You won’t believe how incredibly amazing contributions are made by the black chefs in the world of barbecue.

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AC Barbeque: The Journey

On the journey through the world of barbeque, we cannot overlook how it’s such an important part of Black cuisine. Barbeque perfectly displays black excellence. Hence, the duo is determined to show the legacy and flavours of barbeque through their barbeque business, AC Barbeque Brand.

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The series will take you behind the scenes as Anthony and Cedric learn the best Barbeque techniques along with setting up their Barbecue business. They aim to make it a one-stop shop for barbecue enthusiasts. The business will also honour the legacy of Black chefs for contributing to the world of barbecue.

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Production Partners

Anthony and Cedric have partnered with A&E to bring their culinary and entrepreneurial dreams to reality. Kings of BBQ series is the perfect way to show their culinary journey along with their new business venture.

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If you are a Barbeque enthusiast, you better not miss out on the Kings of BBQ series. We can’t wait to watch the kings at the best barbeque spots discovering cooking techniques, flavours, and traditions. The exciting journey of their own barbeque brand, AC Barbeque, will also leave you inspired. So, stay tuned for an exciting culinary journey!

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