02 Aug, 2023

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It’s time for “Big Brother” season 25; don’t miss it!

By FactsWow Team

Contestants of Big Brother!

This season's 16 candidates will feature, among others, a gold medallist from the Deaflympics, an exterminator, a geriatric doctor, a flutist who performs professionally, a political adviser, and an Australian DJ.

Media Credits: Entertainment Weekly

New seasons of Big Brother!

On Wednesday, CBS will air a 90-minute movie-in episode that serves as the season's debut. The show will be broadcast live at 8 p.m. ET, with a delayed feed accessible for those in Pacific Time.

Media Credits: ew.com

Season 25 is streaming!

Additionally, Season 25 will be available to stream on Paramount+ both live and on-demand, with the service providing special content for this season, such as a continuous live broadcast.

Media Credits: BuzzFeed News

America Lopez!

Age – 27 Hometown – Edinburg, Texas Current City – Brookyln, N.Y. Occupation – Medical receptionist

Media Credits: Big Brother Wiki - Fandom

Blue Kim!

Age – 25 Hometown – Riverside, Calif Current City – New York, N.Y. Occupation – Brand Strategist

Media Credits: ELLE

Bowie Jane!

Age – 45 Hometown – Melbourne, Australia Current City – Los Angeles, Calif Occupation – Barrister/DJ

Media Credits: Daily Mail

Cameron Hardin!

Age – 34 Hometown – Eastman, Ga Occupation – Stay-at-home dad

Media Credits: Sportskeeda

Cory Wurtenberger!

Age – 21 Hometown – Weston, Fla Occupation – College student

Media Credits: Instinct Magazine

Felicia Cannon!

Age – 63 Hometown – Tacoma, Wash Current City – Kennesaw, Ga Occupation – Real estate agent

Media Credits: Big Brother Wiki - Fandom

Hisam Goueli!

Age – 45 Hometown – Minneapolis, Minn Current City – Seattle, Wash Occupation – Geriatric physician

Media Credits: KUOW

Izzy Gleicher!

Age – 32 Hometown – New York, N.Y. Occupation – Professional flutist

Media Credits: Idols SA

Jag Bains!

Age – 25 Hometown – Omak, Wash Occupation – Truck company owner

Media Credits: www.youtube.com

Jared Fields!

Age – 25 Hometown – Norwalk, Conn Occupation – Exterminator

Media Credits: Big Brother Wiki - Fandom

Kirsten Elwin!

Age – 25 Hometown – Orlando, Fla. via Dominica Current city – Houston, Texas Occupation – Molecular biologist

Media Credits: TV Fanatic

Luke Valentine!

Age – 30 Hometown – Weston, Fla Current city – Coral Springs, Fla Occupation – Illustrator

Media Credits: Striegel Knobloch & Company, LLC

Matt Klotz!

Age – 27 Hometown – Cameron Park, Calif Current City – Baton Rouge, La. Occupation – Deaflympics gold medallist

Media Credits: Big Brother Wiki - Fandom

Mecole Hayes!

Age – 30 Hometown – St Louis, Mo Current city – Upper Marlboro, Md Occupation – Political consultant

Media Credits: Big Brother Wiki - Fandom

Red Utley!

Age – 37 Hometown – Gatlinburg, Tenn Occupation – sales

Media Credits: Big Brother Wiki - Fandom

Reilly Smedley!

Age – 24 Hometown – Portland, Maine Current city – Nashville, Tenn Occupation – Bartender For more updates, click on factswow.com

Media Credits: LinkedIn

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