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Hollywood Writers Went Silent; Studios Have Become Ghost House as Artificial Intelligence Takes Over

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Propositions suggested to end the strike

The Alliance of motion pictures and television producers, a group which includes big names such as Walt Disney, Warner Bros and Netflix have decided to propose their suggestions soon.

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Beginning of strike

On May 2, the strike started, when the talks between WGA and other studios could not reach any mutual agreement.

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Main reasons of strike

Main reasons for the strike were giving reimbursement, least number of people hiring for writer’s room and payment issues among many other issues.

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Arrival of Artificial Intelligence

Due to the arrival of artificial intelligence, many workers showed their fear of their work being replaced by AI.

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Negotiators doing their best but failed

Negotiators from both parties sat down together to negotiate the best possible outcome for the first time after 1st May. Both sides had portrayed it as a consultation to resolve whether it made sense to restart the talks or not.

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Agreement between executives & workers

An agreement between studio executives and workers is needed so that a halt that has been created in the industry comes to an end.

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Who is going to resolve the issue?

WGA and television producers decided to resolve the issue through communication but later WGA gave a critical statement and the issue was overwrought.

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Helping hand by Bob Iger

A branch was allocated for Hollywood writers and actors on Wednesday by Disney chief Executive Bob Iger so that they could professionally resume their work in a decent manner.

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Iger’s statement for the strikers

Relationships with the creative department and creative people are as important as the company itself. Iger showed his respect and love to all the workers and strikers who used their creativity for the betterment of industry and company.

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Unrealistic demands by strikers

Bob Iger has been known as someone who treasures good talent, but he also got furious at strikers saying their demands cannot be fulfilled.

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Delay of new seasons and movies

Many late-night shows and episodes have been canceled by approximately 11,000 writers due to which release of new episodes and big budgeted movies are delayed.

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Screen Actors Guild on strike

Screen actor’s guild consisting of 160,000 members also went on strike on 14th July because of usage of artificial intelligence. This was the first strike that took place after 1960.

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Social media influencers get backlash

Many social media influencers will be stopped from SAG-AFTRA if they accept any kind of work from studios that are blacklisted and streaming online videos.

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Loss of revenues

According to California state university, $3 billion loss has been suffered by the Californian economy because of failure in agreement.

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