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Great Performances - Leonard Bernstein's Kaddish Symphony

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Who is Marin Alsop

Marin Alsop, in charge of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra at Ravinia during summers, organized a festival to promote classical music and art diversity. She is a well-known woman conductor in the world, even she was featured in a documentary available on the PBS App. The conductor, and protégée of Leonard Bernstein, Marin Alsop, introduces Bernstein's 'Kaddish Symphony performance.' The symphony uses a full chorus and children's choir, not entirely novel, composers like Beethoven and Mahler also used these choirs in their works.

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When did “Kaddish Symphony” begins

In Israel, in 1963 the 'Kaddish Symphony' was first performed and premiered in the U.S. in Boston in 1964. Leonard Bernstein's innovative and creative modifications to the symphony include a narrator and soloist incorporation. In return, the work classified purely as a symphony, Alsop, didn’t explicitly address this point.

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Leonard Bernstein's contribution to the traditional symphony

The unique structure of the symphony includes a full chorus, children's choir, narrator, and soloist, Contributing to its distinctive character and Bernstein's traditional symphonic structure modifications.

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Great Performances broadcast the show

This symphony performance can be watched on a TV show called 'Great Performances' on Monday, August 21 at 8:00 pm. It will also be available online on mobile apps called PBS or the website at the same time.

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Leonard Bernstein’s kaddish symphony-A Musical Prayer

Leonard Bernstein, a musical piece called the 'Kaddish' Symphony, includes a Jewish prayer for people who are no more with them. He dedicated the symphony to Kennedy's memory, he was almost done with it when President John F. Kennedy was killed. After his death, he tributed a symphony performance on TV. He responded in his speech, that instead of responding to violence with more violence, One should bring people together by creating beautiful music. Marin Alsop, learned from Bernstein, 'Kaddish' Symphony, beautiful music is a way to counter violence to create a better world

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Bernstein's Symphony- A story

Bernstein's Symphony is a story about a person talking to God and struggling with faith. The world is not perfect but better than before. A group named Uniting Voices Chicago performed and a singer named Janai Brugger and a group were also present there. The symphony, by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Marin Alsop, the emotional impact is unquestionable.

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