19 Jul, 2023

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers for July 18, 2023, ‘Does Kristen Will send Brady to Jail?’

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Days of Our Lives TV show

Since its 1965 premiere on the National Broadcasting Company network, Days of Our Lives has been seen by viewers in the United States almost every day of the week. Days of Our Lives frequently address themes like sex, death, adultery, divorce, family, and love.

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Belle worries about Brady!

Kristen DiMera told Belle that Brady Black threatened her, so she would send Brady to jail if he did not do what she wanted.

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Will Brady go to Jail?

Kristen wants Brady to sign the custody agreement to share Rachel’s custody. If he assures to sign the agreement, Kristen will leave Brady without pressing charges against him.

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Brady avoids going to jail!

Brady resists Jada's attempts to arrest him and explains that he is worried about his kid and will do whatever to keep her safe to keep him from going to jail. Kristen informed Jada that Brady deserved to be disciplined.

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Leo Stark's love affair with Dimitri!

Leo felt bad about his relationship with Dimitri because they were planning a romantic night in. When Leo returned to the Salem Inn, he discovered Gwen was having trouble comprehending why her fiancé was avoiding her.

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Leo is stuck in love!

For the inheritance, Leo was forced to choose between his best friend and love, Dimitri wants to wed Gwen. Kristen and Dimitri had an agreement whereby she would keep quiet about Gwen's intentions in exchange for receiving anything.

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Gabi visits Li Shin!

Gabi chastises Li for being involved in Megan’s plan. Gabi threatens Li Shin to stay away from her and also from Stefan’s life in the future.

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Planning showed up!

Stefan and EJ saw Dimitri and Kristen discussing a strategy while they were at the DiMera mansion.

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Call for a truce!

Following what Kristen and Dimitri saw, EJ and Stefan will agree to a ceasefire and work together to protect the actual DiMera family from Dimitri.

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