05 Jul, 2023

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Daniel Radcliffe Says He's Not Seeking A Role In The New Harry Potter Tv Series

By FactsWow Team

The plans are discussed

At an April investor presentation, Warner Bros. Discovery announced plans to adapt the seven novels into a ten-year series.

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The involvement is active

There currently needs to be a screenwriter, director, or actor in the project. As an executive producer, controversial franchise author J.K. Rowling is actively involved in television adaptations.

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The speech against the author

LGBTQ activist Radcliffe has previously spoken against the author and his transphobic rhetoric.

Media Credits: The Sun

There is no interest

Rowling's situation aside, Radcliffe has long maintained that he has no immediate interest in returning to the franchise.

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The role is interesting

Amid rumors that Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone director Chris Columbus is eyeing a Cursed Child adaptation, Radcliffe has denied any interest in reprising his role as the older Harry.

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Less interest in returning

Harry Potter had no intention of returning to Hogwarts. While filming the fourth season of his anthology comedy The Wonder Workers, Daniel Radcliffe made it abundantly clear that he is not looking forward to appearing in the upcoming Harry Potter reboot.

Media Credits: Radio Times

Speech about the series

In an interview with Access Hollywood, the former star was asked if she had any discussions about being in the movie, and she said, 'I don't have any.'

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Explanation by Radcliffe

'Harry is being played by someone else. So I think it would be really weird if I showed up.'

Media Credits: Reddit

Comparison of story

Radcliffe continued in the spirit of a fresh approach to the magical saga: 'I'm excited to see what other people do with it. I made a comparison with a story like Sherlock Holmes. The Potter series has always been bigger than one interpretation or franchise, so it's cool to see the passing of the torch.

Media Credits: IndieWire

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