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Claim To Fame Season 2: Know The Celebrity Relative So Far

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Claim to Fame Season 2

The hit ABC reality series, 'Claim to Fame,' has been released with an entirely new celebrity group. It premiered on July 2022 that announced 12 contestants to share the secret. Each contestant strives to win the immunity and get bonus clues to keep their knowledge a secret.

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The Relatives of Season One

Season one included relatives of Zendaya, Simone Biles, Cindy Crawford, and so on. In the final season, the sister of Keke Palmer, Loreal Chanel L.C. Palmer, was topped as the show winner.

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'Claim to Fame' Is Back with Two Premiere

The reality T.V. show 'Claim to Fame' had a surprising new twist for the competition in Season Two. The hosts, the Jonas Brothers, revealed that contenders could receive misleading clues that could eventually lead to their elimination. Season Two began on June 26, with a twist that will keep contestants on their toes and the audience hooked.

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Who is Carly Reeves linked with?

Tom Hanks is the uncle of Carly Reeves. In the season premiere, Carly faced elimination when cast member Hugo accurately deduced that Reeves is the niece of the two-time Oscar winner. Stay connected with and learn more fascinating stories.

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Who is linked with Travis Tyson?

Neil DeGrasse Tyson is the father of Travis Tyson. After a tense elimination round, contender Gabriel successfully guessed that his opponent Travis was the son of astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson. The revelation left the cast shaken and some players visibly emotional.

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Who is related to Jada/Jane Star?

Dolly Parton is an aunt of Jada Star. In 3rd Episode, the contestants collectively selected Jane to be in the spotlight. Jane then singled out Chris as her choice. However, her guess that his claim to fame was Elvis Presley was incorrect, leading to her elimination from the show.

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Who is linked with Shyane Murphy?

Eddie Murphy is the dad of Shyane Murphy. Monay and Shayne helped orchestrate Jane's elimination by putting great targets on the backs into Week Four. Though Cole was voted into guess-off, Shyane Murphy assumed she'd be safe since the two had been toying for weeks.

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Who is linked with Cole Cook?

'Alicia Keys is the sister of Cole Cook. Cole faced elimination again after Karsyn's choice in the Guess Off. New clues surfaced in Episode Five, strongly linking sheet music and keys to Cole's identity. Follow for more intriguing stories, and remain tuned.

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Who is related to Olivia Aquilina?

Jenny McCarthy is an aunt of Olivia Aquilina. Olivia found herself in the bottom two in Week Six for the first time. The situation developed after the lie detector challenge, causing the other contestants to learn more about her. Her strategy has come back to haunt her.

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Who is related to Hugo Wentzel?

The former President, Jimmy Carter, is the grandfather of Hugo Wentzel. Episode six offered the most emotional insights going further with the funniest guess-off. The contenders voiced their issues that Chris had more power as he got access to reveal all the secret clues.

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Who is linked with J.R.?

The Rapper, Lil Nas X, is the brother of J.R. The contenders spent around eight episodes to nail down the identity of Chris after failing the last week. Throughout the challenge, they knew that Chris was the son of the Season Nine winner of 'Dancing with the Stars.'

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