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Billions Premiere Recap: Axe Is Back and Better Than Ever

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'Billions' Season With a Crash

The last season of 'Billions' starts with a burst of F-bombs and a loud crash. Following a short recap of the former season, this season picked up Michael Prince as Corey Stoll to storm out of the silo at 'Michael Prince Capital.'

Media Credits : Entertainment Weekly

Michael Prince

Michael Prince’s Face is pure in anger, and he turns a beeline for the reception desk and finds Wendy Rhoades being ‘Maggie Siff.’ Once Michael learned that Wendy was in the Office and couldn't hide from him, he became livid since her presence irritated him.

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Prince strides with a Goal

Michael Prince steps ahead with a goal and seizes a monitor off a table, throwing it all through the glass walls of the Office of Wendy. When he stepped in, he screamed and demanded why she thought of being unfit to run for President.

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A fascinating look at Prince

It is the introduction for the season and drives as a fascinating insight at Prince. He is collected and very cool as usual and does everything to ensure impart a good-guy billionaire stays intact. But now, this pure rage, frustration, and anger are completely different.

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Prince and Wendy in relaxed conversation

To flashback to the earlier five months, Prince and Wendy are having the more calmed conversation. Also, Prince has vacated the Office to make Wendy alone to discuss his run to act as President. He is prodding and poking her, trying to read if she's loyal and reliable for sticking out a campaign.

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Prince leaves the Office

Moving forward, Prince has left the Office by thinking that Wendy is ready to work with him even if dropping the bomb to plan in 2024, not in 2028, curtailing the timeline considerably. But, as the episode proceeds, she has concerns about partnering with Prince.

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Wendy's Main Concern

Wendy's main concern is whether Prince should reach the Oval Office. Will he do anything from his power that he wants? Explore these secrets from and learn interesting daily stories from our site.

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Prince has the power to be Fascist

Wendy warned that Prince could become a Fascist due to his strong belief in knowing what's best for everyone, potentially leading down a dangerous path despite good intentions. This concern grows when Prince merges with Philip and Taylor's influential business.

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Wendy worried about a Presidential Run

It's manipulation by Prince, who thinks that what he's doing is 'Right.' It makes Wendy worried about a Presidential run. She thinks of a way to derail the insight of Prince by bringing 'Axe' into the fold. Follow for more interesting stories.

Media Credits : MisceLAna

Wendy couldn't Reach Axe

Wendy is unable to reach Axe. She went to Orrin (Glenn Fleshler) and Wags (David Costabile) to contact Axe, but Chuck still navigates his public image. Wendy finally receives the call as Chuck tries to portray himself as a man of the people in the press.

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