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1000-lb Sisters’ Amy Slaton In Doll-like Figure After Losing Nine Stones

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1000-lb Sister Star

Amy Slaton, a Star of 1000-lb sisters, had changed into a Barbie makeover when she showed her astonishing weight loss look. She has completely turned into a glamorous look once she embraced after losing nine stones. She shared her healthy kick worldwide on Television.

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The 35-year-old mom-of-two

A 35-year-old mother of two kids is famed for showcasing the TLC reality show of 1000-lb sisters and her elder sister, Yammy, who’s 37 years old. See her healthy schedule from and connect us for more compelling news.

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Incredible Weight Loss Regime

During the hit show from where the two sisters got a huge fan base, they documented their implausible weight-loss regimes. Since remarking on the healthy kick, Amy shed around nine stone and lost approximately 125 lbs.

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Amy weighed 406 lbs

Amy Slaton of the reality TV show 1000-lb Sisters started her weight loss journey weighing 406lbs, but now, after years of hard work and dedication, she has managed to lose a whopping 131lbs and narrowed it down to 275lbs.

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Amy’s Secret Weight Loss

Though Amy did not unveil the accurate numerical weight loss for a while, she continued to grip her weight loss over the social media pictures she daily uploaded and shared for her fans and followers to see and glance at.

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Amy’s Video Clips and Snaps

In all the Video Clips and Snaps of Amy, her weight loss is superficial because she slimmed down her jawline and got into a smaller frame. Discover full news tales from and stay ahead with up-to-date trending tales

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Amy’s Video Clip on TikTok

Amy looked madly different and graceful in a video clip on TikTok. She transformed into a Barbie doll look with a filter and showed her beauty after and before using the generator that left her seeming like a doll figure.

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Amy’s Barbie Doll Look

The first Amy’s Snap showcased her beauty before the generator changed her look into a Barbie doll, looking make-up free and fresh-faced. Another snap saw Amy with brown hair and a doll-like complexion rather than her definitive blue locks.

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Amy Shared Two Kids with Husband

Amy shared her two kids on a social media post with her alienated husband, Michael. The duos have been surviving apart since Amy with their two sons left their family house in Kentucky before this year.

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Amy is Dating Tony Rodgers

The Sources revealed that Amy is now dating Tony Rodgers, with the new duo said to survive together in Kentucky when they saw each other after three months.

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Amy and Tony dated Official

Amy and her new guy, Tony Rodgers, are on ‘official’ and have dated for a while. They have been keeping things muted, and the couple is ‘making their bond stronger’ by spending heaps of time with the children.

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